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Cyber Protection Product

Premium: $600 including all charges

Excess: $500 each claim

Sum Insured: $250,000 aggregate limit

Payment: Required by credit card on completion of successful application


Privacy Breach - third party claims for loss of personal information

System Damage - lost damage or destroyed IT systems, data, records

Computer Virus/Hacking - liability arising from hack or attack, theft of data including by employees

Multimedia Liability - liable, slander, defamation defence costs and third party costs, marketing material

Breach of E-Commerce Statutory Duties - Statutory breaches of managing e-commerce data

Extortion - Payment of ransom, negotiation/mediation of security threat, Crisis management

Business Interruption - lost business income up to $10,000

Also Privacy Fines, Investigation, Reward cover.

COSBOA Cyber Claim Team 0419 447 578 24/7 response assistance available to all COSBOA members who purchase this product.

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Last modified: January 25 2018